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MSC History

Maumee Seniors Inc., known as the Maumee Senior Center, was formed in 1994 following a grass-roots effort by a group of community members, who went door-to-door seeking support for a senior center. The effort was led by Ardis Dardenne, who continues to support the Maumee Senior Center to this day by serving on the Maumee Senior Center Board of Trustees and hosting fundraisers for the organization.

The Maumee Senior Center board, staff and volunteers continue to work daily to carry out the organization’s mission statement: “The mission of the Maumee Senior Center is to create an atmosphere which affirms the dignity and self-worth of the older population by serving their physical, emotional, and economic well-being while encouraging their independence and continued participation in the community.”

With the support of the City of Maumee, community members and the Area Office on Aging of Northwest Ohio, the Maumee Senior Center was created. In 2000, the City of Maumee received a grant to purchase, expand and renovate a former restaurant into a handicapped-accessible building for the Maumee Senior Center.  Today, the Maumee Senior Center continues to call this location home.

The Maumee Senior Center has become a center known to provide a wealth of unique programming. The Maumee Senior Center was the first senior center in the area to offer Silver Sneaker Flex programs (before Silver Sneakers was so widely known), the first senior center in the area to successfully partner with an assisted living facility to offer life-long learning programming and the first senior center to successfully offer our own in-house chef and nutrition program. 

Maumee Senior Center is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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